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updated: July 22, 2014

An exclusive PAGAN track was included into ANTIHUMANISM Records 10 Years Compilation CD. Track The Gate of Transcendentality (2011-2012) raw demo version recorded & mixed by Roman Mort (Hrodna).
2003 - Antihumanism 10 Years Compilation CD - 2013
1. Grunt - Call of Antihumanist Order - 2013
(Antihumanism started with release of Grunt which was split lp with Taint, Noise/Power electronics)
2. Dead Reptile Shrine - Lithic Mountains - 2006-2013
(DRS released quite some releases here, almost complete discography, Shamanic ritual demon worship and some of the most obscure black metal to be ever heard)
3. Cultus - Bloedhekel - 2002
(Slow track coming close to the tape released by Antihumanism, black metal)
4. Myself - Antihumanism - 2014
(First track recorded in years with real drums now, (Black) metal/noise)
5. Circle of Ouroborus - Tanssivat Pedot - 2012
(Amazing track wich sounds more black metal)
6. Maximum Perversum - Wiederkehr des Reiches - 2006
(Perverse and harsh ildjarn/rac worship)
7. Pagan - The Gate of Transcendentality - 2011-2012 (raw demo version)
(Old true black metal)
8. Mons Veneris - Dawn of the Elliptic Plagues - 2012
(Should be known now, black metal like old LLN bands)
9. Vatfer - 2013 - 2013
(Harsh Ildjarn worship but more primitive and noisy)
10. Thorns Blade - Mass Murder - 2013
(Raw black metal, a band to keep your eyes on!)
11. Profane Congregation - Disgrace - 2013
(Harsh and raw black metal)
12. Ames Sanglantes - A Face With No Eyes - 2012
(Wellknown in the noise scene by the man who is also behind Akitsa and Tour de garde label)
13. Goatmoon - Hymn of Sorrow - 2002-2005
14. Goatmoon - ...Glowing in Horizon - 2002-2005
All tracks are exclusive to this release, except Goatmoon tracks taken from "Death Before Dishonour" B side of tape release, Antihumanism 2010.
500 copies cardboard sleeve.
Released: 17 March 2014
WW 12 PAGAN (to) the Black Star CD (2012)
8 tracks with the new sound and evil atmosphere.
The most extreme black metal and most original material ever, far away from the cloned tendencies. Primitive and sick guitar riffs. For those who worship underground black evil metal.
Mixed and mastered by A. P. at Tuianti Studio (the Netherlands).
8-page b/w booklet with ascetic design.
"The sword from the side of nonexistense...."
1. (to) the Black Star
2. Rectilinear Geometry
3. Illusion of Creation
4. Angel
5. Insight
6. Tenet
7. The Gate of Transcendentality
8. Black Raw Magic
Released: 02 November 2012
WW 11 TRIDENT Hatechild CD (1995 / 2012)
Psychedelic Industrial Metal from Ulan-Ude (ex - CONTR ACT).
The music based on guitar industrial riffs which sound as mixture of thrash metal with speed-core.
It's third album of the band which first time released on CD.
The album was recorded within one week before "Iron Marsh - 8" festival (summer '95),
which they did opened.
The cover art was done by Ash (ex - DEATHONATOR). 6-page foldout color booklet.
1. Flash (Do Burn Me)
2. Have You Destroyed?
3. No
4. Wild Eyes
5. Get Wrong, Get Right
6. Black is White
7. Change Your Name
8. Die Young
9. What Do You Mean?
10. God Knows...
11. Feel Pain (I Want You)
12. Cash
13. We Got the Right
Released: 08 November 2012
WW 10 KONSUL Night Riders CD (1987, 1989 / 2011)
One of the underrated Russian heavy metal bands of the early 80's.
For the first time on CD the classic fighters of his undying energy.
9 tracks of 100 percent Heavy Metal classics from the '80s.
8-page color booklet.
WW 09 CONTR ACT Warriors of Rock CD (1989 / 2011)
CONTR ACT was Russian Heavy Metal band from Ulan-Ude.
The band was based on traditions of classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
This is brilliant and underrated album of the USSR' times, when the Metal music was unique and original.
9 melodic and atmospheric songs with high vocals and solos.
Lyrics have deal with themes about eternal fight of Good vs. Evil, God, Religion, Death etc.
The raw sound of the records sends us back into the atmosphere of 80-th years,
when the Metal was magical and the prohibited. 100-percent Russian Heavy Metal classics.
4-page b/w booklet.
PAGAN Monument of Depression TAPE (2007 / 2011)
Black Metal. Tape version of album 2007 year.
Licensed to Antihumanism Records (Belgium).
Pro-tape with double-sided cover with lyrics and photos.
Limited edition to 200 hand-numbered copies.
WW 08 PAGAN ... and Darkness is above all CD (2000, 1997 / 2010)
Black Evil Metal. Originally released in 2000 on limited tape version.
The CD version was remastered in 2005 and sounds different than tape.
Including "Zmroczny dol" tape (ambient track) from 1997.
The design of booklet includes original layout from tapes.
4-page b/w booklet.
WW 07 ANTI Anger CD (1995 / 2009)
One from the unknown bands from Hrodna / Belarus. Raw & dirty Thrash Metal from 90's. Recorded at 1995. Never released before. Originally was founded under the name ANTIDOTE in second half of 80-ies, changed to ANTI Later. The founder of the band is Sergey "Bear" (guitars/vocals). ANTI were active on the underground scene of Hrodna. In July, 1995 at local studio were recorded 8 tracks. The band split-up in 1997 year. The recordings were unknown for the mass attention almost 15 years. This is dirty raw sound of thrash metal. The stuff was restored from original master-tape in July, 2009. Was released as the "Anger" CD in 2010. 4-page b/w booklet.
Sergey "Bear" (ANTI)
WW 06 PAGAN Hate to the Light of Life CD (1997 / 2008)
Black Evil Metal. Recorded in February 1997 and originally released on limited tape version. Belarusian lyrics. 4-page b/w booklet with lyrics and photos.
WW 05 PAGAN Monument of Depression CD (2007)
Black Metal. An evil atmosphere and depressive tunes.
8-page b/w booklet including lyrics and photos filled with Belarusian darkness.
WW 04 STURM Ultra CD (1999, 1997 / 2007)
Black Metal. Re-mastered version.
4-page b/w booklet with lyrics.
PAGAN The last circle of the Abyss…to the Coming TAPE (2004 / 2007)
Black Metal. Tape version of sold out album 2004 year.
Licensed to Antihumanism Records (Belgium).
Quality printed double-sided cover with lyrics and photos.
Limited edition to 200 copies.
WW 03 KARACZUN Hamorlivasc CD (1997 / 2006)
Black Metal. Originally released via Werewolves in 1997 on tape.
Remastered version. 4-page b/w booklet with lyrics.

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