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updated: April 19, 2015

Antihumanism 10 Years Compilation CD (2003 - 2013)
An exclusive track of PAGAN - The Gate of Transcendentality (2011-2012) raw demo version recorded & mixed by Roman Mort (Hrodna) was included into ANTIHUMANISM Records 10 Years Compilation CD. Among others: Grunt / Dead Reptile Shrine / Cultus / Myself / Circle of Ouroborus / Maximum Perversum / Mons Veneris / Vatfer / Thorns Blade / Profane Congregation / Ames Sanglantes / Goatmoon.
WW 12 PAGAN (to) the Black Star CD (2012)
8 tracks filled by the evil atmosphere. It's totally occult presence and the sword from the side of nonexistence which leads the listener to the gate of transcendentality. For those who worship total black evil. Mixed and mastered by A. P. at Tuianti Studio (the Netherlands). 8-page b/w booklet with ascetic design.
WW 11 TRIDENT Hatechild CD (1995 / 2012)
Psychedelic Industrial Metal from Ulan-Ude (ex - CONTR ACT). The guitar industrial riffs are sounding as mix of thrash metal with speed-core. The album was recorded during one week before the Iron Marsh - 8 festival (summer '95), which they did started. The cover art was done by Ash (ex - DEATHONATOR). 6-page foldout color booklet.
WW 10 KONSUL Night Riders CD (1987, 1989 / 2011)
One of the underrated Russian heavy metal bands of the early 80's.
For the first time on CD the classic fighters of his undying energy.
9 tracks of 100 percent Heavy Metal classics from the '80s.
8-page color booklet.
WW 09 CONTR ACT Warriors of Rock CD (1989 / 2011)
CONTR ACT was Russian Heavy Metal band from Ulan-Ude. The band was based on traditions of classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This is brilliant and underrated album of the USSR' times, when the Metal music was unique and original. 9 melodic and atmospheric songs with high vocals and solos. Lyrics have deal with themes about eternal fight of Good vs. Evil, God, Religion, Death etc. The raw sound of the records sends us back into the atmosphere of 80-th years, when the Metal was magical and the prohibited. 100-percent Russian Heavy Metal classics. 4-page b/w booklet.
PAGAN Monument of Depression TAPE (2007 / 2011)
Black Metal. Tape version of the album 2007 year.
Licensed to Antihumanism Records (Belgium).
Pro-tape with double-sided cover with lyrics and photos.
Limited edition to 200 hand-numbered copies.
WW 08 PAGAN ... and Darkness is above all CD (2000, 1997 / 2010)
Black Evil Metal. Originally released in 2000 year on tape. This CD version was remastered in 2005 and sounds different than tape. Including "Zmroczny dol" tape (ambient track) from 1997. This re-edition includes original layout from tapes. 4-page b/w booklet.
"One of the oldest Black Metal bands from Belarus. Formed back in 1994 and still very much alive (I think?). This is their demo from 2000 re-issued on CD format. Cold and dissonant Black Metal for those who wants to breath the darkness and hear the cursed whispers of the past conjure up the mysticism that is seldom present in todays Black Metal scene." - Total Holocaust Records
"A Great Tribute Indeed...
As it says on the information that Zmrochny Dol was dedicated to Belarus, it provides a worthy tribute to the black Slavonic land. Although this release is not metal at all, it is an ambient side project and a very good one at that. Tracking this demo down was hard and took me some months time to accomplish, but I'm glad I did because I enjoy listening to it quite a bit. The melodies on the single track are composed wonderfully and flow well. It starts out with some horns piping out a simple melody repeatedly before the synths come in at 0:33. They match up well together and are basically the only two instruments heard throughout the entire track. The song itself is highly repetitive and lulls you into a trance as you listen to it. It's incredibly soothing, even if there's only about 3 different variations of the horn/synth combination. "Zmroczny Dol" comprises of about 21 and a half minutes long. The 3 or so variations are repeated over and over again, but don't become boring. It's kind of like Drudkh songs or even a drone song, so if you enjoy that hypnotic type of music this release would be right up your alley. I hope Algkult decides to come back to this project to release more material because he has a knack for making good ambient melodies and he could produce some quality stuff." - FromHlidskjalf (Metal Archives)
WW 07 ANTI Anger CD (1995 / 2009)
One from the unknown bands from Hrodna / Belarus. Raw & dirty Thrash Metal from 90's. Recorded at 1995. Never released before. Originally was founded under the name ANTIDOTE in second half of 80-ies, changed to ANTI Later. The founder of the band is Sergey "Bear" (guitars/vocals). ANTI were active on the underground scene of Hrodna. In July, 1995 at local studio were recorded 8 tracks. The band split-up in 1997 year. The recordings were unknown for the mass attention almost 15 years. This is dirty raw sound of thrash metal. The stuff was restored from original master-tape in July, 2009. Was released as the "Anger" CD in 2010. 4-page b/w booklet.
Sergey "Bear" (ANTI)
WW 06 PAGAN Hate to the Light of Life CD (1997 / 2008)
Black Evil Metal. Originally released in 1997 year on tape.
Belarusian lyrics. 4-page b/w booklet with lyrics and photos.
"Leaves Me Wanting...
More Not very much information is available from this one man band from Belarus. Musically, this demo is akin to Burzum vocally while maintaining it's own identity. The lyrical delivery ranges from mid register black metal howls to mournful shrieks. The comparison to Burzum does not end with the vocal styling, as like the Count, Mr. Algkult also likes to use a variety of tempos. Most of the tracks on this demo range from mid tempo grim black metal to faster parts. Unlike the Count however, he develops the songs on this work quickly and efficiently, making an interesting and varied song in about 3-5 minutes in most cases. No time is wasted, no extraneous atmosphere is generated. This is an efficient black metal release from beginning to end that does not delve into the dark ambient or pagan metal genres. This serves to make the listener wish that there was more or that this was a full length release. I know I am beating the Grishnacht comparison to death, however this should not be viewed as a clone, but rather a point of reference. This work does not define a new genre or tread on completely new ground, however it stands by itself as an important, well written, and compelling black metal release. I strongly suggest that grim black metal and nsbm fans pick this up if they can find this. My only regret in listening to this is that this project no longer exists and that they never released a proper album! Sigh... I guess I will have to pick up the Sturm disc." - Megiddo (Metal Archives)
WW 05 PAGAN Monument of Depression CD (2007)
Black Metal. An evil atmosphere and depressive tunes.
8-page b/w booklet with lyrics and photos filled with Belarusian darkness.
WW 04 STURM Ultra CD (1999, 1997 / 2007)
Black Metal. Re-mastered version.
4-page b/w booklet with lyrics.
PAGAN The last circle of the Abyss…to the Coming TAPE (2004 / 2007)
Black Metal. Tape version of sold out album 2004 year.
Licensed to Antihumanism Records (Belgium).
Quality printed double-sided cover with lyrics and photos.
Limited edition to 200 copies.
"... And a very fine presentation indeed. Absorbed in an omnious atmosphere and with a distinct touch of those olden times of Black Metal. A crying / screaming vocal attack from Algkult drenchned in a slow mournful hypnotising wall of guitars and almost ritual like pounding drums. This is an incredible work from PAGAN. And I would easily rank it as one of my favourite bands from Belarus. This is a must, at least in my books..." - Total Holocaust Records
"Repetitive and monotonous...
...but that's what makes it shine! It's very hard to tell the songs apart from one another, but that doesn't matter. Just imagine this album as one 30 minute long song. It's hard to believe that repetitivity and monotony would make an album good, but then think about Drudkh, Their 20 minute songs of about 4 riffs using weird and gloomy song structures. Pagan is similar to that extent. The Last Circle of the Abyss… to the Coming is a great opener. From Darkness Through Space and Time is just 2 riffs over and over again. Very repetitive but it creates a very dark and misanthropic atmosphere that makes this song succeed. Very slow and gloomy. The Cult of Darkness is a fast and decent track. Across The Twilight Landscapes is a short instrumental with about 2 riffs. Towards Devastated Spaces is another fast track. You can tell this one apart from the others with the weird effects on the vocals. Through The Icy Wall is a fantastic song. Very slow and agonizing. Complete darkness. The outro To Darkness... is another slow instrumental number. The vocals are really, really good. The guitars are raw and nicely distorted. The drums are standard and nothing special but the bass is the weird thing. The bass sounds out of tune. It might not necessarily be out of tune, the bassist may be playing incorrect notes on purpose, I don't really know. Although that should sound bad, it actually helps this song out. I know its weird saying this, but with the bass being out of tune the riffs sound even more fucked up and much, much darker. Mistake or not, it creates a much darker atmosphere. It'll take a couple of listens to be able to tell the songs apart from each other but that doesn't matter. They all blend in so well together, and as I said earlier just think of this release as one long song. Don't expect anything beautiful here. This is complete, utter darkness. If you want your black metal to be misanthropic and gloomy with fantastic agonizing vocals, then get this album, turn off the lights, and close your eyes and feel the darkness around you... " - Skullhammer (Metal Archives)
"Pagan is a one man project by Algkult, who has been releasing "depressive black evil metal" demos under this name for over a decade. The sound here is appropriately dark, but a bit different than could be expected. The guitars have a good high-ended tone, with just a slight touch of muddiness. The vocals are rather raspy, and occasionaly in the high range, but it fits the music well. Even the bass is audible here, which is a refreshing change from the norm. The drums seem a bit low in the mix, and the bass drum is very hard to hear. Nevertheless, this disc is an interesting work. The opening section of the first track, which is the title track, features very dissonant harmonic intervals, the likes of which are not often heard in metal. The mood seems like Black Metal, but on the somewhat experemental, and at times, industrial (in terms of tone) side. The riffing alternates from fast sections, to the slow and omnious parts, where the uniqueness of this record is most prominent, employing the similar type of dissonant intervals as previously mentioned. "The Last Circle of the Abyss…to the Coming" is a decent work, which should appeal to fans of dark, straight-to-the-point music." - Richard (Enslain Magazine Volume 2, Issue 1)
WW 03 KARACZUN Hamorlivasc CD (1997 / 2006)
Black Metal. Originally released via Werewolves in 1997 on tape.
Remastered version. 4-page b/w booklet with lyrics.

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